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Corvette Stories


The Corvette is powerful

     but the dream is more powerful

From the Backbone of America

   A delightful collection of stories from Corvette owners across America.  “Corvette Stories from the Backbone of America” was born as Mallory, a corvette owner and enthusiast, was intrigued with the many stories fellow corvette owners share with each other.  The many contributors to “Corvette Stories from the Backbone of America” are the everyday man and woman.  Mallory says “the folks that are in this book are the hard-working people that make America great, and the Chevrolet Corvette happens to be the American icon sports car that many dream of owning.  What started as a book of car stories, turned out to be stories exposing elements of the human spirit”.

     In “Dreams Answered” the distraction provided by thinking about which Corvette he would buy if and when he returns home sustains a  U.S. Marine through the Vietnam War.  One man’s entertaining road trip shows us that sometimes winging it can be more fun than planning every last detail in “Caravanning with No Clothes”.

     The author of “Corvette Stories from the Backbone of America”, Tommy Mallory is an avid Corvette collector and restorer.  A resident of Columbia, Missouri, Mallory has served three terms as President of the Mid-Missouri Corvette Club.  Mallory is also a certified auto appraiser for Auto Appraisal Group headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

    “Corvette Stories from the Backbone of America” is not just a car book; it is funny, heart tugging, and emotional.   A great family read.